The NJ FMBA has a special relationship with FHE Health, who provides self care and rehabilitation services for NJ FMBA members and their families. FMBA Nation host Bill Brower talks with Dr. Beau A. Nelson, Chief Clinical Officer of FHE, about self-care through tough times. FHE Health has the First Responder program called Shatterproof.

Shatterproof at FHE (formerly Florida House Shatterproof) employs evidence-based therapies, innovative medical care, and a comprehensive wellness program. These focus on symptoms of PTSD, among other mental health conditions, in order to help our first responders successfully manage their condition and/or achieve life-long recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Shatterproof is designed to help first responders overcome specific obstacles and increase their ability to manage emotions during stressful situations without turning to self-medication. 

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